Statement of Corporate Governance System

At MTS, corporate governance comprises the structure, process principles and practices employed to oversee, direct and manage the business and affairs of the corporation with the objectives of ensuring its financial viability and integrity, and enhancing shareholder value. This structure defines the division of power between, and establishes mechanisms for achieving accountability by, the Board of Directors and management.

The governance principles of MTS reflect the corporation’s core values of professionalism, integrity, real value to customers, demonstrated financial strength, and being an employer of choice. These principles include independence, accountability, clarity of roles, effectiveness of strategy, prudence in risk management, leadership, ethical culture, and integrity of financial disclosure.

MTS’s governance practices align with the guidelines adopted by the Canadian Securities Administrators.

The Board of Directors has established a Governance & Nominating Committee which oversees, on behalf of the Board, corporate governance at MTS, including the methods and processes for Board effectiveness and performance evaluation. This Committee will regularly review MTS’s corporate governance principles and practices and make appropriate changes as new regulations in Canada come into effect. This Committee also acts as a nominating committee by identifying and proposing suitable candidates for election or appointment to the Board. As well, the Committee recommends directors’ compensation for Board approval.

Areas of Governance

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