MTS – a strong foundation to build upon

For our Manitoba operations, the results of the strategic review have demonstrated that MTS is great company with even greater potential. With a large customer base, an extensive network and a well-admired brand, MTS is well-positioned to capture its fair share of market growth while improving the profitability of its operations. There are still great opportunities to grow in Manitoba, a market that has generated stable nominal gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 4.5% on average, over the last four years.

We will continue to transform our organization, refining and adjusting as we work our way to success. For 2016, we’ve made subtle changes in a few key areas to improve our strategy. The Free Cash Flow measure has been added to our Balanced Scorecard given it is the most important metric to focus on from a shareholder value creation point of view. To support our brand vision, we’ve added the Customer Experience Index which will help us focus on delivering a superior customer experience. We also added a new Impact of Learning measure to ensure our employees have the right tools to impact change.

Our new strategic focus for MTS will centre on the following areas:

Create a customer-first organization
Develop an organization that is fully aligned around putting the customer first, continually enhancing the customer experience, growing revenue and increasing customer loyalty.

Grow revenue faster
Capitalize on our brand, existing customer base and unparalleled bundling offers in order to grow core revenues and under-penetrated Consumer and Business Solutions segments.

Invest in the future
Increase the productivity of past and future investments in our mature telecom market and allocate more of our capital to investments creating the potential for greater future growth.

Make it simple
Simplify our systems and processes for both customers and employees, improving the end-to-end customer experience.

Drive efficiencies
Imbed the knowledge and expertise of our retiring workforce into our processes and systems, creating operational cost savings. Create a performance-based culture where accountabilities are set, met and celebrated.

Reinvent the MTS brand
Invest in a substantial renewal of the brand in the consumer segment while crafting a parallel brand strategy for Business Solutions.

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